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EasySpanish was founded on the principle of Total Physical Response (TPR). TPR is the instant understanding of target languages in phrases and sentences rather than word-by-word

This is achieved when children observe and then imitate the instructor’s body language and the accompanying conversation. This produces an instant understanding of the conversational phrases or sentences.

EasySpanish utilizes TPR as a basis for understanding the language; however, we take it several steps further.

For example some children learn quicker and easier by verbal repetition, others by writing the example over and over again, while some learn by seeing a sample of the actions or objects. EasySpanish uses all of these learning tools.

But a key component is hands-on participation in the classroom and outdoor play; all the time conversing in a second language. This produces an understanding of real world situations when a child interacts with other children who are also speaking in a language other than their native one.


It is widely known that introducing a second language at an early age enriches mental development in children. Children who receive even small amounts of second language instruction are better at solving complex problems. Young children learn a second language easily, and speak it naturally without any accent, compared with learning at a later age when it becomes more difficult and learning patterns and retention are greatly diminished.



EasySpanish was founded in 1992 for the sole purpose of expanding children’s understanding of other languages, cultures, and people around the world. With this knowledge children are more easily able, in their formative years and even adulthood, to relate more closely with others in their personal and professional lives.


The EasySpanish philosophy is that through the process of learning a second language that children will become more aware of the wonder this world’s peoples, cultures, countries, and their differences; and how much these differences can bring a closer understanding of one another.


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Our Founder

​My name is Viviana Marchevsky. I am the Founder, President, and Head Spanish Teacher for Easyspanish Program.


I established the Easyspanish Program over 18 years ago, with the intention of helping children garner a deeper appreciation and understanding for people and cultures around the world through a complete immersion into the Spanish language.


I have been involved in teaching at 15+ schools in the heart of Silicon Valley, through the Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Campbell school districts.


My studies in child-development have been the foundation for my program, and stem from research showing that learning a second language at an early age helps promote mental development and encourages complex problem solving and social interaction in young children.

Born in Argentina, my native speaker Spanish skills have helped me to teach not only the Spanish language, but a deep understanding and appreciation of Spanish and Latin American culture to 1000's of students, whose lives have been enriched by their capacity to not only communicate, but to truly make connections with Spanish speaking people across the western hemisphere. 

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